Beginners Guide to Lube Europe

If you have questions concerning sex lubes, then you are in the right place. This beginner’s guide to sex lube is packed with information, advice, and tips to assist you to look for the best sex lubes, how to choose and how to use them. This is because the best lube can make a good sex to a great sex.
As both women and men seek to achieve more pleasure and satisfaction in the bedroom, the use of sex lube becomes common at this point.

What Is Exactly a Sex Lube?

Lube popularly called as a sex lubricant is a lubricant that is used extensively to get more pleasure from sex or masturbation. Once the manhood goes in the vagina or anus, they’re applied to lessen friction. If the vagina can’t produce an adequate amount of lubricant, sex lubes can help in minimizing the pain during sexual intercourse or when masturbating with the assistance of sex toys.

Different Kinds of Sex Lubes

There are many kinds of sex lubes Europe available on the market today like water based, silicone based, oil-based as well as flavored lubricants. While deciding on how to pick the best sexual lubes, it is vital to bear in mind that there are advantages and disadvantages.

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Silicone Based Lubes

This lube relatively common as they’re the newest kinds of sex lubes. A silicone-based lube keeps on the surface of the skin to give a durable slide rather than absorbing into the skin. This last longer than any lube, however, it is hard to wash off.

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Water Based Lubes

This is personal lube which is water soluble. By far, this is the most extensive available and considered the most renowned lube today. A lube which is water based is easy to clean that is the most vital perks of water-based lubes, and it doesn’t affect the latex condom.

A lot of water-based sex lube isn’t compatible once sexual intercourse is performed in swimming pool, bathtubs or hot tubs as it can dissolve in water. Water-based lube is a specialized type of lube utilized to improve sexual pleasure.

This is extended for external use only. This is available in different flavors you may pick any depending on your preference.

The drawback of a water-based lube is that you have to utilize it with extra care as bacteria can be transmitted in the heat once a person ingests body fluids.

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Oil Based Lube

Certain oil-based lube is found valuable by menopausal women, pre-menopausal women or those experiencing from vulvodynia. In such cases, you might need a strong sex lubricant to ease the friction.
On the other hand, an oil-based lubricant doesn’t go well with a latex condom. Therefore there’s a risk of STD and unwanted pregnancy. Also, this is harder to clean off the body and so, can expose you to the threat of bacterial infection.

How to Purchase Sex Lubes

Now that you are already familiar with the types of sex lubes available today, it is time to do a serious shopping. Here are some of the factors you have to know concerning sex lubricants before purchasing.
Typically sex lube is broken down by the main component. There are two important kinds of sex lubes namely silicon-based and water-based silicone. Water-Based lube is good all around option while silicone based lube is generally ideal for sex.

If you decided on the main component, you have to know how you plan on utilizing the sex lube. A lot of lubes Europe available today are tweaked for a specific purpose. Like for instance, anal lube, they are thicker as well as long lasting compared to other kinds of lubes. On the other hand, a flavored sex lube is made for oral sex. On the contrary, there are also other types of lubes available such as hybrid lubes, and vibrator lubes as well as many others to select from in the market.

Before getting slipper, keep in mind these helpful and fun sex lube pointers:
Utilize non-staining lubricants when possible, so you do not have to spoil your bed sheets.
A water-based lube washes off with soap and water. A silicone-based lubricant can be wiped off using a towel.

How to Purchase Sex Lubes

A lot of people asked what the best lubricant for anal sex is. Often, thicker lubricants are perfect for anal sex. Why this is simply because anal walls are thinner and delicate opposed to vaginal walls, and for this reason, need a sex lubricant that can keep them oily and slipper to decrease the risks of tears as well as cuts inside the rectum.

In general, anal sex is deemed risky, with regards to STI transmission. This is why using a condom is vital, unless you’re in a long term monogamous relationship and you and your partner have been tried and tested. This is also why it is essential to ensure you utilize a sex lube which is latex-friendly.


In general, sex lubes Europe are a smart way to boost as well as increase the sensation during sex. There are many types of lubes available out there. You can find one which you want to try with and have it glide in more effortlessly to give you the pleasure and satisfaction that you’ve been longing for in bed.

Always keep in mind that it is always better to make use of a proprietary, tested substance as a lubricant for sex. This is vital because it will help you a lot in avoiding allergies as well as getting the utmost and greatest pleasure from sexual intercourse.